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Samadhi, intention, direction

Notes I made a couple of weeks ago while listening to Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain:, talking about samadhi (concentration). This advice resonates well with my own practice, wanted to make note of it here for reference (mine and yours).

  • Set an intention – which sets the mind to a particular direction.
  • Relax, settle down.
  • Help yourself feel safer.
  • Activate positive emotion. Think about things that gladden the heart (activating dopamine and norepinephrine).
  • Keep the critters out. The voices in your head aren’t necessarily friendly or helpful.
  • Build a wholesome neural structure.
  • Intend and sense/evaluate benefits – “How’s that going for you?”

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  1. This is a great book – accessible without being too light. It does a huge service for both the research field of interpersonal neurobiology and the practice path of Buddhism. Together these fields support what we need today, a way to really grow up as mature adults and wake up to our deepest and most creative nature. Thanks for mentioning it. As a psychologist and Zen priest, it see it as a welcome sign that these two fields are integrated more fully explored in this way.