People-Powered Media [un]Workshop

Find me at the People-Powered Media [un]Workshop this weekend, described as “an ‘unconference’ style event created to explore how community media can be used as a tool for information, organization, and action.” Gary Chapman will keynote in the afternoon, otherwise the discussions will emerge, unconference style. Register now if you haven’t already.

Author: Jon Lebkowsky

Digital culture maven, co-operator, writer, activist, enzyme.

3 thoughts on “People-Powered Media [un]Workshop”

  1. I’m really glad you’re interested in the event. It could be very interesting.

    Hope you’ll consider offering a 30-minute session. We’ve got two rooms, so there should be a lot of flexibility for scheduling.

  2. emm your this thread is rather helpful. some of my fren said the similar words to me the other time. I think I will think it over and get back to you. Excellent thread!

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