Ginsberg: “everybody’s got a bodhisattva tendency”

Around 1969 I sent a short poem and a letter to Allen Ginsberg but saw my letter as neurotic “peter pan yak,” as he called it, or adolescent rambling.  At the bottom of the card he sent me, he suggested that I should take up dyhana meditation, which I did, and for the last 40 years I’ve been a hot and cold running Buddhist.

Tricycle has published in interview with Ginsberg, who calls himself a “flaky Buddhist.” Read the whole interview, and don’t miss the closing quote:

Everybody’s got a life to lead and they’ve got a bodhisattva tendency, everybody wants to do good…. On a larger scale, there doesn’t seem to be any hope unless compassion becomes a more widespread important teaching on how to live. Compassion to self and others

Author: Jon Lebkowsky

Digital culture maven, co-operator, writer, activist, enzyme.