Alien art

PL Grimes

Wired features outsider art by Ken Grimes, a schizophrenic who creates “outsider art” including ufos and alien imagery. This reminds me of Bill Barker’s “Schwa” imagery, which was part of the FringeWare scene in the 1990s. What’s that buzzing sound?

Author: Jon Lebkowsky

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One thought on “Alien art”

  1. I was with Bill Barker Last Nite ! hanging and chilling he is fine …and he was talking to me about posts he has seen on line and doing a project again! He said he has seen posts asking for Him! and reply to a few with no reply Back ,,I think his fans of his work want him back drawing…. All they have to do is ask him ….. and he will .. He is doing drawing for fans that ask for them for a fee ,, {new 2011} and selling many vintage drawing if you want one e mail me ..So if you like one of his is drawing from back in the day they are up for sale tell me the one I will call bill and have him get back to you ! Dave

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