TechSoup’s Live Greentech Discussion

Yesterday (4/17/2012) I was part of a nonprofit Green Tech seminar hosted by TechSoup, with Evonne Heyning moderating. Also presenting: Jamie Henn from, Kevin Danaher and Zoey Krol from the San Francisco Department of Environment. See

The quintessential geek couple, completely and inalterably married-for-life

Our friends and sometimes houseguests, Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic, are facing an immigration hassle. Says Bruce, “We have no joint bank account, no insurance accounts and no joint children. The authorities therefore suspect that our marriage is a phony ‘Green Card marriage,’ and they would like to have Jasmina deported from the USA.”

Note to the harried couple: send INS our way, we can certainly verify your persistent, more or less blissful marital status…